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Timeline of Growth: Monster

Broadband Leads the Charge in Rural Middle Tennessee

Monster Broadband is a local wireless provider that is working to bring high-speed Internet services to Lynchburg and the surrounding counties, targeting communities that do not yet have DSL or cable modem services. Since its launch in July 2009, it has lived up to its name -- bringing broadband to the masses in areas that previously had no access. Monster’s coowner, Steve Baker, shares a timeline of its impressive progress over the past seven months:

In July 2009 Monster successfully turned up its first network / tower in Moore County.

By September, Monster had three towers in the Moore County area, servicing approximately 65 customers.

By October, Monster had its first tower located outside of Moore County, covering the rural areas of Coffee County.

By November, Monster had over 100 customers on its network, adding 22-28 customers per month, expecting to break the 200 customer mark by March.

By the end of December, Monster expanded its networks into Bedford County turning up two towers serving the Bell Buckle community.

In January, Monster signed a lease agreement with the town of Huntland in Franklin County with services starting February 17th. In January, Monster also signed a lease agreement to build a tower in Decherd located in Franklin County. The tower is currently under construction.

February 1st, Monster announced its voice program called MonsterVoice. MonsterVoice offers unlimited local and long distance phone service in North America and Canada.

Given the signed lease agreements already in place, Monster will be turning up six new towers within the next four and a half months expanding its services into Winchester, Manchester, Shelbyville, and Fayetteville.

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