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Monster Broadband delivers fast, secure, and reliable high speed Internet that is affordable and easy to install. Since we own our network and do not rent wires from the phone companies, we can deliver high quality bandwidth at significantly lower prices than the competition. We also build and maintain wireless networks for municipalities, cities, malls, apartments, and other entities. Our Monster WiFi  solution is an ideal way for apartment and office owners to better service their tenants and make more money. 

Business Standard Plans

Our Business Standard Plans are great plans for businesses that do not require dedicated bandwidth. These plans are attractive alternatives to DSL and cable offerings.

Business Professional Plans  (Call for a no obligation quote)

If DSL or cable speeds are not enough and you are ready for a T-1 or more, then our Business Professional Plans are a great solution. Unlike cable or DSL, you get full throughput on both uploads and downloads. Since we own our own network and do not rent wires from the phone company, our prices are often 70% less than the wired alternatives. Already have service, then add Monster Broadband as an affordable redundant back up in case your main provider goes down. 

Carrier Business Plans  (Call for a no obligation quote)

Our Carrier Plans are an ideal solution for Wireless Internet Providers, Call Centers and businesses with high bandwidth Internet access applications.  Since we own our own network and by-pass the phone company local loop connections, our Carrier Plans will save you thousands of dollars a year when compared to the wired based services.  We can have you up and running in days, not weeks or months. Since we deliver a convenient Fast-Ethernet interface to your business, we can also save you thousands of dollars by eliminating costly DS3 cards and routers.  Our service is scalable and you can upgrade your bandwidth in minutes as there is no additional equipment to install or wires to run. Our carrier plans provide economical high capacity bandwidth with low latency and a 99.99% up-time Service Level Agreement.   Price Competitive plans, business level services and up-time Service Level Agreement.

Business Backup  (Call for a no obligation quote)

Our Business Back-Up plans provide a separate, secure and redundant path to the Internet so your business stays up and running when your primary connection fails.  Surveys indicate that 68% of businesses will lose between $1,000 and $10,000 per hour of lost productivity due to network outages. Many companies try to protect against this downtime by installing multiple lines to their facility only to have both lines go down at the same time because they share the same phone company wiring.  Our Back-Up plans eliminate this risk as our wireless service provides complete independence from existing wire based connections. We provide a separate entry to the facility and do not have wires that can be severed.  Our plans provide an economical diversified back-up Internet connection that is a critical part of any good disaster recovery plan.

Monster Broadband is offering this promotional price on Business Class T1 for a limited time. (Certain Restrictions may apply and a two year contract is required.)