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Statement from Monster Broadband Estill Springs: We successfully turned up our 22nd tower located in Estill Springs. Residential and Business Installation services are now available.

Statement from Monster Broadband Lincoln County, Taft / Blanch. Finally we received the necessary approvals from the FCC regarding our licensed links to these locations. This process normally takes 6-8 weeks; however, this time due to a filing error, it took us 15 weeks to receive the approval. This being said, physical work has started and we will have these two sites up by the end of the first week in November. Installation services will not likely start until November the 10th, due to our testing process.

Statement from Monster Broadband Kelso: Unfortunately we were denied our original request due to a recent state restriction that went into effect in August. We, Monster, use a variety of structures to expand our wireless network. This new state restriction prohibits anyone from using the structure that we plan to use in Kelso. That being said, we now are moving on with plan B, to build a tower from ground up. Our growing network consists of 11 company owned towers that we own and have built. This process is not new to us, but will require more time than plan A. The estimated time will be made available in November.

For those of you that are our customers thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide you with our services. For those areas that we are unable to reach 100%, rest assured that our business model has no room for gaps. If we are providing services in your area, we will reach those who are reachable. There is and will also be some situations that we simply cannot overcome. However, those are more limited to individuals, not areas.

Thank You. Monster Broadband, Inc

Official Statement PDF: Official Statement from Monster Broadband regarding Estill Springs/Lincoln Co/Taft/Blanch