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 Internet Company Looking To Serve Winchester

By Deidre Ortiz - Staff Writer

Representatives with Monster Broadband Inc. where present at the Winchester Board of Public Utilities meeting last week offering to make their high-speed broadband Internet services available in Winchester.

Owners/engineers Charles Jonston and Steve baker proposed putting an antenna on the Utilities' water tank to allow surrounding city residents the access to broadband Internet. They also informed the Utilities Board that they have established an office in Winchester an dare working closely with County Mayor Richard Stewart to expand high-speed Internet access to other area residents.

Baker explained Monster Broadband is already providing services in smaller areas of Franklin County - the city of Huntland, the Nissan region of Decherd, and at the Lexie Crossroads Fire Department, where communications is being improved.

It was noted there are several other places in the Franklin County area where people are still required to use dial-up because they don't have means to high speed Internet. "Out of all the different counties we services Franklin County has the largest gaps [in availability to high-speed Internet connection]," Baker said.

After listening to the request, some concerns where voiced about the possible interference of wireless Internet server and the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) that Winchester Utilities has install by April 2012.

Also, new Utilities Manager Roger Caldwell explained he has received other requests from Internet service providers who would like to use of the Utilities' water tank.

Because of this, Board member Sonny Elliott suggested it would be best for the Utilities to review all offers. "We may have to go through a bidding process since other companies are looking at the tank," he said.

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